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Leave the pickling process, production

26/10/2020 10:40:25

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Leave the pickling process, production line of hydrochloric acid recycling again, after the pickling acid regeneration can be repeated use, reduce the use of a large amount of new hydrochloric acid, can reduce the cost. There are two kinds of international waste hydrochloric acid production process, spray roasting method and fluidized bed method. Spray roasting method shortcoming is a by-product of micron grade of red iron oxide powder, easy skirts, secondary dust pollution is more serious. , in contrast, a by-product of fluidized bed method is millimeter iron ball, no secondary pollution problems.

Fluidized bed method is:

(1) first of all, with the pump will waste hydrochloric acid to waste acid storage tank, and as a thickener, part of the waste acid in the preconcentration device by roaster vaporization furnace.

(2) the preconcentration and the rest of the acid, continue to be enriched and the enrichment of iron oxide, acid from preconcentration device, through a device imported ingredients in the calciner fluidized bed, furnace temperature of about 850 degrees Celsius, heat water by evaporation, ferric chloride thermal decomposition for the oxidation of hydrogen.

(3) the particles in the fluidized bed ferric oxide progressively more, bigger, fluidized bed inside oxide layer height increasing, the fan blowing air resistance also increases, when the pressure increases to a certain value, through the extra iron oxide, a gate impeller discharge to make the process of fluidized bed of the lower air pressure drop at the required value.

(4) a fine iron oxide powder was roasting gas out, into the cyclone. Isolated from dust collector of fine iron oxide powder fluidized bed, again by humid acid and gradually became thicker. The cyclone heat exchange with acid and gives off heat, reduce the temperature.

(5) roaster gas containing hydrogen chloride, after preconcentration device into the absorption tower, flushing water contact with spraying down from the tower, form regenerated acid hydrochloric acid absorbed by water. Is approved by the exhaust gas of flushing water absorption back out of the chimney discharged into the atmosphere




Baling Wire, Wedge Wire Screen, Filter Mesh

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