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  • Well Character Conveyer Belt

    Well Character Conveyer Belt

    pre-bent shape wear and weaving Products with good rotation, fracture resistance, high cold expansion, network and thickness uniformity, smooth operation of the advantages
  • Person Conveyor Belt

    Person Conveyor Belt

    Has been widely used in chemical fiber industry hydroformylation machine {YL543YL541} washing machine YL112, scouring machine Q392, the food industry, biscuits automatic line
  • Trapezoidal Conveyor Belt

    Trapezoidal Conveyor Belt

    mainly used for dyeing, radio, electronics, food machinery and research institutes Such as circuit boards in the electronics industry curing, solid melting, drying; Disu drying system covered industry;
  • Ply Conveyor Belt

    Ply Conveyor Belt

    Ply stainless steel mesh belt Application: for plastic foam furnace, food conveying line, the intensity filtering and protection industry
  • Chain Conveyer Belt

    Chain Conveyer Belt

    Chain Conveyer Belt is now a major domestic delivery form, that came from both sides of the main chain of a variety of intermediate connections through the installation of the rod, to strengthen the whole belt load capacity,
  • Rhombus Conveyer Belt Mesh

    Rhombus Conveyer Belt Mesh

    The material in the transmission line, feed point from the initial to final unloading material formed of a material conveying process
  • Screw-type Conveyor Belt

    Screw-type Conveyor Belt

    Screw-type conveyor belt is a metal conveyor belt in the most common form
  • Conveyer Belt Mesh

    Conveyer Belt Mesh

    Screw-type conveyor belt is a metal conveyor belt in the most common form It is divided into left and right spiral net, the straight through or corrugated wear a connected one by one,
  • Sawtooth Steel Grate

    Sawtooth Steel Grate

    Steel grating is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, power plants, water plants, sewage treatment works, municipal engineering, environmental sanitation projects in the areas of platform