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  • Well Character Conveyer Belt

    Well Character Conveyer Belt

    pre-bent shape wear and weaving Products with good rotation, fracture resistance, high cold expansion, network and thickness uniformity, smooth operation of the advantages
  • Person Conveyor Belt

    Person Conveyor Belt

    Has been widely used in chemical fiber industry hydroformylation machine {YL543YL541} washing machine YL112, scouring machine Q392, the food industry, biscuits automatic line
  • Trapezoidal Conveyor Belt

    Trapezoidal Conveyor Belt

    mainly used for dyeing, radio, electronics, food machinery and research institutes Such as circuit boards in the electronics industry curing, solid melting, drying; Disu drying system covered industry;
  • Ply Conveyor Belt

    Ply Conveyor Belt

    Ply stainless steel mesh belt Application: for plastic foam furnace, food conveying line, the intensity filtering and protection industry
  • Chain Conveyer Belt

    Chain Conveyer Belt

    Chain Conveyer Belt is now a major domestic delivery form, that came from both sides of the main chain of a variety of intermediate connections through the installation of the rod, to strengthen the whole belt load capacity,
  • Rhombus Conveyer Belt Mesh

    Rhombus Conveyer Belt Mesh

    The material in the transmission line, feed point from the initial to final unloading material formed of a material conveying process
  • Screw-type Conveyor Belt

    Screw-type Conveyor Belt

    Screw-type conveyor belt is a metal conveyor belt in the most common form
  • Conveyer Belt Mesh

    Conveyer Belt Mesh

    Screw-type conveyor belt is a metal conveyor belt in the most common form It is divided into left and right spiral net, the straight through or corrugated wear a connected one by one,
  • Wrapping Filter Sheet

    Wrapping Filter Sheet

    Mesh material wrapping filter: stainless steel wire mesh, black wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh and other metal There are single, multi-layer, according to the shape of the circular, rectangular, waist, oval, etc