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  • Filter Elements

    Filter Elements

    Stainless steel Filter Disc We can supply filter discs made of metal wire mesh in single layer or multi-layer Double layer or three layer,Can be classified into round, square, kidney shape, oval and other special shapes according to the outside designs
  • Wedge Wire Trench Grate

    Wedge Wire Trench Grate

    The ornate-yet-structural quality of an architectural screen can be used in countless ways, including: Column covers,Custom lighting,Exterior applications,Interior applications,Grating,Wall cladding
  • High Pressure Sieve Bending Screen

    High Pressure Sieve Bending Screen

    In a typical feed situation,the leading edge of the wedge wire removes the water and fine particles through the over sized particles move across the top of the screen
  • Knitted Fabric

    Knitted Fabric

    Standard gas-liquid filter:Model40-10060-150140-400Wire SpecificationsФ0 23 0 1*0 4MMHigh penetration type liquid filter
  • Filter Discs

    Filter Discs

    We manufacture Filter, Filter Cloth, Wire Cloth, Screens and Strainers for these industries: Chemical Manufacture , Pharmaceuticals, Food Process ,Water Purification ,Industrial Process, Automotive ,Stream Generation and Steam Lines
  • Filter Discs , Cylinder

    Filter Discs , Cylinder

    Materials :Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Expanded Steel, Perforated Steel, Brass ,Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Paper elements, Polyester Cloth, Nylon
  • Knitted Mesh Gas-liquid Filter Mesh

    Knitted Mesh Gas-liquid Filter Mesh

    Knitted Mesh is made of either crochet or knitting of various wire materials including stainless steel, copper, synthetic fiber and other materials