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Filter Element

Name:Filter Element

Product introduction:Filter Element, oil filter with precious from 1 to 200 micron with different filtering material


Filter Element, oil filter with precious from 1 to 200 micron with different filtering material
Our Filter Element is adopted high-quality filtration material. With full-range variety and specification, it is either as small as candle or as big as basket. Sopping filter element capable of removing water and filter element filtering granule ranging from 0.2µm-200µm with different filtering material and specification are available.
1.High-precision filtration, various types of filtration element can exert excellent filtration performance.
2.Large efficient filtration areas, large bilge receiving capacity; designed according to the principle of proximity to oil and alienation to water, the coalescence & separation filer element can remove water content in the oil effectively.
3. Multi-level even silk screen surface filtration structure, good effect in countercurrent washing.
4. Excellent heat-resistant performance, ordinary type can filter 120°C high-temperature liquid, special high-temperature resistant type can filter 380°C liquid continually. Good mechanical strength, acid and alkali resistant, long life service
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