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Highway guardrail and differences highway fence introduction

Time:2015-07-06 21:39:23   Source:KaiYuanJinShu

    Highway fence belonging to a common enclosure highway construction materials, often used in the construction or protection on both sides of the process, while another more common material - highway guardrail board also has an important performance. Similar to the fence, but the enclosure area including the entire use have a strong stability. Among the future market, use one of the more obvious material.  
    Then use the more common two materials: highway fence and highway guardrail, what difference does it make, in particular the use of the process, should pay attention to what matters it, I believe these are engaged Fence Supply, most want to buy a friend understand, and market them in the future, the two basic materials whose prices are relatively low, suitable for large-scale use. But also some differences, here to bring you a comprehensive understanding under.
    First, we come to know these two common manifestations of road fence: highway fence (Dimension according to road protection level, the actual site mapping) and highway guardrail (more focused on the road enclosure, road isolation, etc.). For this common road fence, there is a certain understanding. Selection of road or highway fence fence, certainly have their own views. Here it is that we should start from the overall product performance, specifically using the occasion to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the entire highway fence after a product not only to have good material stability. It should also have good portability. That is, throughout the construction process, you can protect the highway fence is well fixed. Xiao Bian also remind everyone here, the road type fence should be judged according to size, appearance, size and road traffic. The only way to promote better use of the product.
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