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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
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Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Crimped Mesh

Name:Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Crimped Mesh

Product introduction:Standard mesh: mesh 1-24 (aperture according to customer’s requirement)

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Standard mesh: mesh 1-24 (aperture according to customer’s requirement)
Main material: 202,302,304,304L,316,316L,321stainless steel wire, nickel wire
Else material: iron wire, black steel wire, white steel wire, lead wire, copper wire and so on
Characteristic: acid resistant, alkali-resisting, heat-resistant, tensile, wear-resisting
Weave: crimped before woven, two-way every wave bending, one-way every wave bending, lock bending, flat-roofed bending, two-way bending
Characteristic: stable structure, strong impulsion-resisting, wear-resisting , low price, apertures keep long symmetrical and beautiful
Application: sieving in mine, building stone and raw coal, isolation and fence in building, civilian use and cultivation. Stainless steel crimped mesh also can be used for sieving, filtering an fencing in wicked condition such as petroleum and chemical engineering. All kinds of baskets in industry, store baskets in handicraft article, kitchen and fridge
The specification of crimped mesh has not uniform table and evolves many kinds because of material, aperture and wire diameter.
Our factory  accept customer’s material for processing and OEM, special specification, weave type, width and mesh can make according to customer’s requirement

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