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Prison Fence

Name:Prison Fence

Product introduction:  Airport Fence, also known as "Y-type security and defense retaining net " is a column bya V-shaped bracket, enhanced welding tablets network

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  Detailed introduction to Prison Fence:

  Airport Fence, also known as "Y-type security and defense retaining net" is a column bya V-shaped bracket, enhanced welding tablets network, security, security fittings and hot dip galvanized razor cage to form a high level of strength and security and defense. In recent years, is widely used in airports, military bases, high-security place. Note: If thetop of the Airport Fence to install razor wire, razor wire and then a good enhancedsecurity performance. Electroplating, hot dip, spray, dip, and other Forms of corrosion resistance, good aging resistance, sunshine, weather and features. Its products, with beautiful color and diverse, both play a role in the fence, but also play a role in landscaping. Due to the high security, anti-climbing ability, mesh connections using a special SBS closely, and effectively prevent the man-made destructive disassembly,transverse four bending ribs, a significant increase in the strength of the mesh.

  Material: Low carbon steel wire. Specifications: 5.0mm high strength low carbon steel wire welded. Mesh: 50mmX100mm, 50mmX200mm.

  Net film with a V-shaped ribs, can greatly enhance the impact strength of the fence.Column for 60X60 rectangular steel top welded V-shaped rack. Or the hanging connectusing 70mmX100mm column. Products are hot dip galvanized and polyester powder coating, high-quality international popular RAL colors.

  Weaving methods: the preparation of welding. Surface treatment: electroplating, hot dip, spray, dip.

  Advantages: 1. With a beautiful, practical, convenient transportation and installationcharacteristics. To terrain when the installation to adapt to the terrain, and the column connecting with the ground undulating up and down to adjust; retrofitting Airport Fencehorizontal four bending ribs a few at the same time in the overall increase in costs, so that a significant increase in the strength and beauty of the mesh is the most popular one.

  Main purposes: Airport closed, private grounds, military areas, field fence, the development zone isolation network.

  Production process: pre-straight wire, cutting, pre-bend, welding, inspection, setframe, destructive experiment, beautification (PE, PVC, hot-dip), packaging, warehousing.

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