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Fence Mesh
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  • Chainl Link Fence

    Chainl Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence is also named diamond wire mesh with the diamond opening It is made with various metal wires weaving by chain link fence machine
  • Cattle Mesh

    Cattle Mesh

    Features: Good flexibility; good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance properties, long service time Even the cut pieces will not deform under pressure
  • Temporary Fence

    Temporary Fence

    Application: Construction sites, Temporary protection for factory goods, Traffic road fence, Major sports events or activities, Temporary isolation, Large playground and so on
  • Farm Yard Y-type Fence Mesh

    Farm Yard Y-type Fence Mesh

      Y type column airport fence is made with low carbon steel wire welded panel, post, barbed wire or razor wire and other accessories Based on the "V " shape top with razor wire
  • Airport Fence

    Airport Fence

      Airport fence also called Y type safety defence net, air port fence is constituted by V type post, strength welded mesh panel, safe theft-prevention connection and hot dipped galvanized razor barbed wire
  • High Way Fence Mesh

    High Way Fence Mesh

      Characteristics: easy install, weather resistance, long life time,Artistic and Practical, Hingh strength, fence steel, Beautiful
  • 358 Security Fence

    358 Security Fence

      358 high security fence is a professional structure designed for high security sites or areas, combined with a steel framework The surface treatment is heavy zinc coating or RAL color powder coating
  • Prison Fence

    Prison Fence

      Airport Fence, also known as "Y-type security and defense retaining net " is a column bya V-shaped bracket, enhanced welding tablets network
  • School Playground Fence

    School Playground Fence

      Playground Fence is designed to keep the ball inside the area of play and to protect the public Proven to perform robustly and to provide a visually attractive solution to the needs of both spectator and participant