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Round Perforated Metal Mesh

16/11/2020 16:04:41
Round Perforated Metal Mesh

  Round Perforated Metal Mesh

  Quick Detail:

  Perforated Mesh also named Punched Mesh. It can be supplied in folded or flat panels,from various metal plate, punched openings can be round, square, triangle, diamond,hexagonal, cross, etc


  Forward is an old brand manufactory specialized in producing perforated mesh, wehave many years practical experience, can meet all customers' demanded by advanced technology to be strong support, we can also produce all kinds of size perforated mesh with advanced equipment such as diameter less than thickness


  It can be used in curtain wall and ceiling decoration, and used other producers such asfilters, table, rubbish can, also can be used parts of machine, also used in decoration.Specifications:

  1, Materials: Low carbon steel (mild steel), Stainless steel (304,31 6,409), Aluminumplate, Brass plate, monel, galvanized metal.

  2, Holes: Round, length, square, scale hole, hexagonal hole, plum blossom, decorativepatterns.etc

  3, Feature: Easy installation, Uniform sound abatement, attractive appearance, Lightweight, durable, etc

  4, Some size that the diameter is less than thickness, we can also produce, just tell uswhat' s your requirement.

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Baling Wire, Wedge Wire Screen, Filter Mesh

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