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Stamping Filter Cartridges

11/11/2020 10:23:40
Stamping Filter Cartridges

Stamping Filter Cartridges is removable cylindrical device, the top and bottom of the closed tube, fitted around the filter media. Belongs depth filtration, characterized by the suspension of solid particles smaller than the pore diameter of the filter medium, the particulate filter is filtered by the collision and compression of the elongated curved channel and the fluid is trapped within the media and firmly attached to the wall surface of the bore. Suitable for very small particles in suspension and little content of the occasion, general solid content is less than 0.01%. The solid particles can be removed in 0.02 ~ 100μm. Mainly used to remove sand filter can not be removed are generally fine suspended particles and colloidal substances, such as drinking water purification.

Stamping filter cartridge material: 304,304L, 316,316L stainless steel wire mesh, perforated metal mesh, welded wire mesh, copper mesh, aluminum mesh.

Stamping filter cartridges Features: acid, high temperature, wear-resistant, not damaged, then filtered and washed, can be used repeatedly.

Stamping filter cartridges Uses: mainly used in environmental protection, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, oil, water treatment filtration industry.

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Baling Wire, Wedge Wire Screen, Filter Mesh

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