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Double Loop Bale Ties

11/11/2020 09:50:08
Double Loop Bale Ties

Double Loops Tie Wire

Finishing Touches

· Black Annealed - are made of soft annealed wire - pliable, yet tough; easy to twist, but hard to break. Some of the many industries presently using the Black Annealed ties are: Construction, Pre-Cast and Pre-Stressed, Bagging and Bundling, Foundries, Carpet & Textile, Fencing, Paper and packaging.

· PVC Coated - a soft annealed core, surrounded by a 7 mil thickness of Poly Vinyl Chloride. Used for tying epoxy-coated rebar, bundling, fertilizer or chemical bags and anytime you need cushioned wire with added protection against corrosion, salt or abrasives.

· Galvanized - the same strength as our others, but made from corrosion resistant zinc-coated wire. This is the tie with the long life for pre-stressed concrete, marine use, scallop bags, gabion boxes and any application where length of service is important.

· Coppered - An attractive closure for all produce bags, potato bags, ice bags & nursery stock.


Widely used as binding wire in gardens, daily life, handicrafts and certain industrial use, scuring trees,

vines and creepers to supporting trellises, or even erecting and joining supporting structures.



Baling Wire, Wedge Wire Screen, Filter Mesh

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