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Product Name Cable Fence

11/11/2020 08:46:48
Product Name Cable Fence

Product Name: Cable Fence

Cable guardrail description:

Cable guardrail

Cable guardrail is a flexible barrier. Cable cable guardrail is applied early root number tension is fixed to the column and the composition of the structure. Mainly through the cable to resist tensile stress collision of the vehicle to absorb impact energy. Reduce vehicle damage and the extent of damage to drivers and passengers.

Slope Protection Network Slope Protection Network

Cable guardrail cable guardrail --02 --01

Cable guardrail Features

Dip into the cable guardrail B type (normal type), Dip A (enhanced), hot galvanized B type (normal type), galvanized A (enhanced); I plant the production of cable guardrail than ever "double-wave plate fence," compared to strengthen flexibility, height increase, improved crashworthiness. In addition, the permeability of the cable guardrail better cable fence will be more conducive visitors enjoy the natural landscape. After testing, the small car 100 kilometers per hour and 60 km per hour speed of large vehicles, are within the scope of guardrail safety crash.

1 absorb energy, does not rebound, 2-fold safety factor is the metal fence

2 light weight, high strength, good toughness, convenient construction

3 hot dip galvanized products, decay-resistant, anti-aging, eliminating secondary paint process, long service life.

Cable guardrail guardrail engineering design basis and standard

1 Chengdu fence engineering design and construction contract attorney

2 Traffic Engineering Supervision and Testing Center of the inspection report

3 JTG / TF83012004 highway guardrail Performance Evaluation Criteria

4 JTJ0741994 Highway Traffic Safety Design and Construction Technical Specification

Cable guardrail basic configuration

Galvanized 16mm (or 18mm) spacing 122.5mm 5 根 juxtaposed

Column 114 * 4 (± 0.3) (or 140 * 4.5) galvanized pipe 36m set

End of column 165 * 8 (or 194 * 8) seamless steel pipe (galvanized)

Braced 133 * 6 (or 152 * 6) seamless steel pipe (galvanized)

Cable guardrail Product Features

For highways, mountains and scenic road safety.



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