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Anodized Aluminum Expanded Mesh

09/11/2020 11:38:01
Anodized Aluminum Expanded Mesh

Anodized Aluminum Expanded Mesh:

- Materials: Aluminum, Iron, Steel

- Surface treatment of anodized aluminum expanded mesh:

1) For aluminum material :

- Without treatment is ok

- Anodized finish (colour can be silver, blue, green, yellow,pink, red,black, as you like)

- Powder coated

- PVDF (surface will be much more smooth, level off and glossy, it also has a much longer

life span than common treatment)

2) For iron steel material :

- Galvanized : Electric galvanized, Hot-dipped galvanized

- Powder coated

- Spray painted

- Packing: Wooden box, Iron pallet + plastic film

- Application:Expanded metal mesh is widely used in road, Railway, civil building construction, and

water conservancy project. It also can be used in outer wall decoration and chemical industry, as window screen , filter, etc.

- Advantages of anodized aluminum expanded mesh:

1) Used as decorative mesh for building outer wall

2) Visibility and colorful

3) Rainstorm or insolation won`t hurt

4) Aluminum won`t get rusty

5) Anti-corrosive

5) Weight is light enough for outer wall hanging

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