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Aluminum Decorative Mesh

09/11/2020 11:36:48
Aluminum Decorative Mesh

Aluminum decorative mesh material: aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate

Aluminum decorative net production processes: stamping stretching from

Aluminum decorative net Features: no rust, beautiful color characteristics. Decorative steel mesh, manufactured from standard steel mesh together. Decorative steel mesh strong solid, not easily deformed after years of use. Decorative metal mesh is used in building decoration for outdoor walls, since the invasion of its unique metallic material sturdiness, it can easily withstand the storm and other unfavorable climatic factors, as well as easy to maintain, just from viewing perspective, metal mesh having the characteristics of silk, gives a visual feast, used as interior partition walls or roof, the material unique permeability and gloss assigned space more aesthetic pleasure.

Aluminum decorative net Uses: mainly used for decoration, filters, ceiling, ceiling, tables, chairs, fireplace screens and other aspects.


Baling Wire, Wedge Wire Screen, Filter Mesh

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