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Use of round hole the drum type perforated plate

Time:2015-03-18 10:17:30   Source:KaiYuanJinShu

Round hole the drum mesh is also called the checkered plate, but it has a different application, can be used on the large dry barrel, can drag dry fur, let wash good fur rapid dehydration, dry quickly. Is effective help to deal with fur.
Round hole on the drum punching material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, etc.
Round hole the drum type punching plate production process:
1, 2, extrusion molding CNC punching
These days, every household used in the washing machine of platen washing machine is changed to a round hole in the drum type stainless steel perforated plate, easy to use, safe, durable, and many other advantages, has replaced the previous plastic water tanks, stainless steel perforated plate with its various advantages, gradually into people's lives, let you feel the stainless steel perforated plate at any time to bring the convenience and fashion.
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