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Time:2015-03-18 10:12:13   Source:KaiYuanJinShu

Mesh: the mesh products can be used in the area through the city of highway, railway, subway and other municipal traffic facilities in the environmental noise barriers, building wall, generator room, factory workshop, and other noise source acoustic noise reduction with sound-absorbing board; Can be used in the structure of the ceiling, wall panel sound-absorbing materials; Can be used for building staircases, balcony, environmental protection furniture elegant decorative orifice plate; Shield can be used in the mechanical equipment, speaker net, food, feed, mines with grinding ore sieve, sieve, sieve, h kitchen equipment with stainless steel enclosures fruit basket, food, fruit tray, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, and shopping malls shelf, decoration exhibition platform, grain ventilation breathable mesh, football field lawn ooze water filter mesh, etc. As people the increasing understanding of the mesh, perforated plate to its presence in a wide area.
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